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Shampoo-do is a full service salon that offers hair care, nail and waxing services.


Digital Perm

The Digital Perm uses hot rods of which the temperature is regulated by a machine with a digital display.

The digital perm makes the wave most prominent when the hair is dry, and loose when it’s wet. Therefore, you can create the dry and curly look of the curling iron or the hot curler. A digital perm can create loose waves and curls, which is difficult with regular perms.


Yuko Straightening System

The Yuko Hair Straightening System smoothes curly, dry, unruly hair permanently with a revolutionary straightening system that uses heat to restructure the hair’s protein bond. The result is smooth, sleek, shiny, straight, regenerated (repaired) hair!


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Kiragami System (Shining Hair System)

When hair is damaged, it becomes dull. Natural nutrition in the hair will be affected more and more as a result of incorrect hair coloring, perming and straightening.

To return to healthy hair, the nutrition which was originally present must be replenished.

Our Kiragami system can supply the hair with the nourishment it needs to restore it to its normal condition.

Your hair will be healthy looking once again - shiny and glowing in the light!

» Kiragami System


Hair Extensions

The salon is hair extension certified & uses 100% natural human hair for extensions to add length, volume and/or highlights. The hair strands are tipped with a special composition of protein which does not damage the client’s hairc and gives a very natural feel. The bond is very strong and can last up to six months.

» Hair Extensions



Milbon Straight Liscio High Solution is for healthy and virgin hair. Makes beautiful straight hair.